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1st. St. George's Church

1852 -1873



















Thanks to Bliss Botsford


The following is an extract from the minutes of the public meeting held at the Parish Church on Easter Monday, 1852: "Moved and seconded that the thanks of this congregation be given to Mr. Bliss Botsford for his zeal and activity in getting the Church erected, and also for his gift of land for building the Church on - that this resolution be inserted in the Parish Church Register.”


In the minutes of a congregational meeting held April 27, 1852, there is the following interesting item: "Resolved that the Parish Church erected at The Bend be called by the name of St. George. "


First Opened in 1852


St. George's Church was opened for Divine service for the first time on Sunday morning, August 12, 1852, the service being conducted by the Rev. William Nathaniel Boyer, Rector. At that service, Robert Fielding, son of the Rev. W.N. and Caroline Boyer was baptised – this being the first baptism administered in St. George's Church and the forty-fourth administration of Holy Baptism in the Parish of Monckton.


Previous to this date, the congregation worshipped in a hall on Steadman Street in use to this day and called "The Free Meeting House.”


The Holy Communion was administered for the first time in St. George's Church on Christmas Day, 1852, when five persons received the Holy sacrament. Permission for this celebration was obtained from the Bishop as the Church had not been consecrated.


 The Church was consecrated the following year and the record of that service reads:


"St. George's Church, Monckton, was consecrated by the Right Reverent Father in God, John Medley, Doctor of Divinity, Lord Bishop of Fredericton, on Sunday morning, June 5th, in the year of our Lord, 1853.”


On the same day, four candidates were presented to the Bishop for confirmation, this being the first record of a confirmation service, in the Parish.


The first meeting for the election of a Church corporation was held on Easter Monday, 1854. The following were elected:  ------  Wardens; Bliss Botsford (who donated the land for the Church) and E.B. Chandler; Vestry Clerk; Ezekiel Taylor;  Vestrymen; Jonas Cutler, John Elliot, Duncan Robertson, W.M.S. Evans, E.S. Cawlins, Scott Wood, Ezekiel Taylor, George Slater, John Bishop, Thomas Woodman, Henry V. Prince, George Wood.


A fire in 1873 burned the Church to the ground. Once again, Anglicans were worshipping in temporary quarters. Dunlap's Hall, at the junction of Main and Pleasant Streets, was available for services for approximately two years.