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3rd St. George's Church























At the annual meeting of the congregation held on Easter Monday, 1931, the newly elected corporation was constituted a building committee and authorized to secure plans for a new Church, said plans to be laid before the congregation at the next annual meeting. The corporation in due time called for competitive sketches and having selected that submitted by CA. Fowler and Company, Halifax, NS., asked that firm to submit plans and specifications. These were received and after slight alterations accepted. The contract for this new building was awarded to the firm of Ambrose Wheeler Limited, on the evening of June 24, 1932 and the following Sunday the final services were held in the Church which had served the congregation for over a half century.


Work on the new structure began on the following morning.


Wednesday, August 17, 1932


The corner stone was laid at 1:30 by the Bishop of the Diocese of Fredericton, Right Rev. John A. Richardson, who delivered an address immediately afterwards.


Sunday will be a day of rejoicing on the part of the Rector, Wardens, Vestrymen and the congregation of St. George's Anglican Church in this city, for on that day their new Church edifice will be occupied for the first religious service in the building. The new building is one of the handsomest and most imposing of its size in the Maritime Provinces, with a simple dignity in its architectural style that impresses the observer in marked fashion.


Built of grey freestone quarried in the Maritime Provinces, it adds another to the already long list of beautiful Churches in Moncton.



The Church Hall


The hall, occupying the basement section of the building, has been fitted up handsomely, with plastered walls of a neutral tint and polished hardwood/1001's. It is a spacious interior, only a narrow space about four feet from each wall being interfered with by columns, extra long beams having been constructed across the ceiling to give the great width necessary for convenience. At the rear of the hall is a deep raised platform, which will be occupied at the Sunday services by the Rector and the choir, the congregation being seated on the floor below. To the right of the platform, as one faces it, is a large room to be used as a ladies' parlor for the women's organizations of the Church, while to the left are rooms for the women and men members of the choir, respectively. The platform will also be used by St. George's Dramatic Society for the presentation of plays from time to time. At the opposite end of the Room form the platform have been built a large kitchen, complete with range and other equipment, and across a narrow hall is the spacious serving room. The main entrance to the Church hall is from Church Street, in the middle of the western end of the building.


August 21,1932

Morning Service


The service at 11 0 'clock was an impressive one. Led by Rev. J.J. Alexander and the boy choristers, the service was opened with a procession to the choir quarters in the chancel. Mr. Alexander conducted the service and during it, he took occasion to express his appreciation to Archdeacon Cody for his presence, and to Canon Sisam, his predecessor as rector of the Church, for his long years of service.


Archdeacon Cody, in his address, referred to the laying of the corner stone and based his remarks on the contents of the box which was placed in the corner stone. The Archdeacon also had warm praise for the choir and the musical portion of the service, and commented on the initial appearance of the choir boys, some thirteen boy choristers, clad in the traditional vestments of the Church, whose fresh young voices have been undergoing training for several months. It is the first time in the history of St. George's that boy sopranos have formed a part of the choir.


The Children's Part

There was a large attendance at the Children's Service in the afternoon. At this service the boy choristers led in the singing with John Woodhouse at the organ. Rev. Mr. Alexander spoke briefly on the words from the catechism "A member of Christ, a child of God and an inheritor of the Kingdom of Heaven".


A feature of the afternoon service was the baptismal ceremony at which Helen Alma Richards, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O.A. Richards, was baptised, she being the first child to be baptised in the new Church.


Evening Service

Archdeacon Cody's evening sermon was on the subject of "The Unfinished Task,” likening the challenge of Joshua to the people to "Get thee up to the wood country and cut down the woods for yourself and drive out the giants, "to today's unfinished task. He declared there still was an unfinished task in the new Church. It was yet unfinished but if the people continued their fine work it would one day be completed and the congregation gathered to give thanks to their God for His goodness and mercy.


For the Future

Above the basement, is what will be the main portion of the Church when the interior is finished There is a large auditorium with chancel at the eastern end, while to the right of the chancel, as one faces it, is a small chapel for the smaller devotional services. The Church proper has its main entrance on Church Street near the southern side, while entrance may also be effected from Queen Street by a flight of steps arising near the Chapel end of the building.


It is interesting to note in connection with the opening services of St. George's new Church, that Joseph G. Wran, who rang the bells of the old Church when they were first installed fifty years ago, also rang them in calling the parishioners to worship in their new Church.


St. George's Church today is spoken of by many as one of the most beautiful Churches in North America.


The lovely St. George's was opened for Divine Services on June 18, 1935 with a celebration by the Rector, The Rev. J.J. Alexander, assisted by the clergy of the Deanery. Ven. H.A. Cody, Dean J.H.A. Holmes, Canon C.G. Lawrence, Archdeacon T. Parker, and Archdeacon 1.A. Richardson were special speakers at services held throughout the following week.


The Sunday services conducted by the Archbishop were broadcast by C.K.C.W and were the first Church services broadcast by a Moncton Church.


Bishop of Fredericton Officiates 1948


St. George's Anglican Church was filled to capacity Sunday when services in the morning and evening marked the consecration of the Church which was erected sixteen years ago.


At the morning service Rt. Rev. W.H. Moorhead, D.D., Bishop of Fredericton, conducted the ceremony, repeating it for the evening service. A proclamation was read by Judge G.F.G. Bridges and sermons were delivered by Venerable Archdeacon T Parker, of Chatham and the Bishop of Fredericton.


Rev. J.J. Alexander, Rector of the Church since decision was reached to rebuilt the former St. George's, had served for five years as curate under the late Canon WB. Sisam and today is the senior minister in point of service of all others in Moncton.


Saint George


Saint George was the Patron Saint chosen by the early congregation of Anglicans (or members of the Church of England, as they were called at that time. There are many stories and legends concerning Saint George. We know that he was a Greek soldier, born in Cappodicia in the fourth century and martyred for his faith at Lydda, Palestine. He was undoubtedly a faithful servant of God.