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2nd St. George's Church

1875 -1932


































The following extract appears in the minutes of the Easter Meeting held in Dunlop's hall in 1874:

"Moved by E.B. Chandler, seconded by Charles Blackwell, that a Building Committee be formed to report as to cost of the erection of a Church on the site of the original St. George's, such committee to thoroughly ventilate the expediency of erecting a temporary or permanent building and report on Monday, April 25th.”                                                                                                                 


The following men constituted that committee: J.F. Armstrong, Charles Blackwell, P. W St. George, W Willis, George C. Peters, and the Rector.


Mrs. Peters, Mrs. Armstrong and Miss Hill were requested to solicit subscriptions for the proposed building and to deposit the same in the Bank of British North America.


In New Edifice


In June, 1874, services were still being held in Dunlap's Hall, but the records show that the Easter Meeting of 1875 convened in the Parish Church of St. George.


The Church building referred to in the resolution later became the chancel of that structure which was demolished in July, 1932.


Rev. E.S.W Pentreath succeeded to the Church in June, 1874. The Chancel of a new Church was erected in that year and this was large enough to hold the whole congregation.  When twenty gathered, this was considered a large congregation. The Chancel was dedicated in 1876 by Bishop Medley.


Plan Main Building


In 1875, C.B. Blackwell, Esq., was requested to submit a plan and estimate of the main building of the Church, which plans were received and approved by the Corporation, July 1876 and construction commenced that year.


The temporary Church building which then stood east and west in the centre of the property was moved to the north end of the lot, converted into a chancel and a nave, or main building, was added - this structure formed the nucleus of the 2nd St. George's Church.


Church Enlarged


During the incumbency of Rev. E. Bertram Hooper the Church was enlarged. This was done by moving the chancel northward and building a section between it and the nave. The tower and spire were later additions, as will be seen from an extract from the minutes of a Vestry meeting held in July 1881, which reads:


"Mr. William Stevens presented his report on behalf of the Building Committee, they having accepted Corbett & Steadman's offer for $400 jar the completion of the tower and spire.”


Upon the completion of the tower the chimes were installed and were rung for the first time by Joseph G. Wran-


The Church had begun in 1875 and it was consecrated in 1878 in a very impressive ceremony with Bishop Medley and nineteen clergymen from all over the Province.


It is evident from existing records that the ladies of the Parish were at all times active and faithful workers, laboring, both to raise funds and "to beautiful the place of His sanctuary. " The first reference to any definite Ladies' Organization on the Parish minute books appears in 1879 and reads as follows:


"The annual report of the Willing Workers was read," and from the minutes of the same meeting, "a vote of thanks was tendered to the Willing Workers for their assistance during the past year ".


It may be recorded that at the last service in the old Church the chimes were rung the evening of June 26, 1932, by John Woodhouse, son of A.A. Woodhouse, organist of St. George's since April 30, 1909.


The building was demolished in July 1932 to make way for the present structure.